Second-hand jewellery specialist in Paris

Second-hand jewellery is an extremely vast sector that includes the essential art deco ring but also bracelets, earrings, brooches, pendants and necklaces, and, of course, watches, a category a little apart but whose most beautiful pieces can be considered as jewellery.

Founders of the Bottazzi Blondeel Paris jewellery store in the early 2000s, Rosanna and Bruno Bottazzi developed their knowledge of second-hand jewellery by first working with their father for nearly 20 years, within the family jewellery store. A long experience that explains the reputation of seriousness and professionalism that Bottazzi Blondeel Paris jewellery enjoys today in the field of second-hand jewellery.

bijoux d'occasionSecond-hand jewellery, a connoisseur’s business

While anyone can be tempted to engage in the second-hand jewellery trade, this field is not well suited to amateurism. Indeed, it takes a solid experience and great knowledge to appraise second-hand jewellery. Similarly, it is necessary to be able to rely on a network of experienced craftsmen to restore damaged second-hand jewellery, taking care not to distort the original work. Indeed, a second-hand piece of jewellery must bear witness to its time. Thus, it would be a mistake to add “modern” elements to an old jewel that would then become distorted.

Second-hand jewelry and eco-responsible approach

What if buying a second-hand piece of jewellery is an eco-responsible approach? As in many other areas, the trend is towards conservation and even recycling. The aim is to avoid overproduction that damages the future of the planet due to pollution caused by manufacturing and transport and the depletion of natural resources. Buying a used piece of jewellery is certainly a gesture for the environment. Especially since the second-hand jewellery offered by the Bottazzi Blondeel Paris jewellery store has been appraised, cleaned and, if necessary, repaired according to the rules of the art. They are therefore second-hand jewellery which, sometimes have the brilliance of new, or present a slight patina which gives them an additional charm. Just something that can be felt as soon as you take them in hand. Moreover, if you have the opportunity to visit the Bottazzi Blondeel Paris boutique located at 41 rue des Martyrs, Paris, do not hesitate to visit us. We are open 7/7 days a week.

Purchase and sale of second-hand jewellery in Paris

If the sale of second-hand jewellery is an important part of our activity, we are also very active in the field of the purchase of second-hand jewellery. This is logical since we are constantly looking for second-hand jewellery for our customers! So, if you want to sell jewellery that you no longer wear, don’t hesitate to come and visit us. The process is very simple. The appraisals are done only in the store because it is impossible to give an estimate and reliable return of a piece of jewellery from a telephone call or a simple photo. The expertise is carried out quickly. It allows us to check the condition of the jewel or watch, the titrations in precious metals (14 or 18k gold, platinum…), the value of the precious stones, any operations to be carried out (cleaning, repair…). At the end of the expertise, free of charge and without obligation, we offer you a take-back price. If you accept our offer, we will pay you on site by cheque or bank transfer and after presentation of an identity document, in accordance with the french law.