Art deco rings, Tank rings, vintage rings, 19th century rings, engagement rings, wedding rings, pleasure rings, prestige rings, solitary rings, trilogy rings… the universe of the ring seems infinite. With our long experience in this field, we can certify that it is! Especially since we can add a selection of variations: simple ring, three rings, diamond ring, sapphire ring, ruby ring, emerald ring, aquamarine ring. Of course, the list is endless, just like the imagination of the jewellers of the great names of the Place Vendôme in Paris: Cartier, Van Cleef & Arpels, Boucheron…

Antique rings, Art Deco rings

The Bottazzi Blondeel jewellery store has specialised since its beginnings in the exciting field of antique rings. The period is vast, from the 19th century rings, full of delicacy, to the Tank rings of the 1940s with their massive lines, not forgetting the wonders of the Art Nouveau and Art Deco periods that covered the early 20th century. The Art Deco period is a continuous source of inspiration, with its exceptional pieces. First of all, the materials used: platinum, yellow or white gold, precious stones (diamonds, ruby, sapphire, emerald), these valuable elements being “transformed” by the work of the craftsmen of the time who gave jewellery art its letters of nobility. The expression “goldsmith’s work” takes on its full meaning here. The finesse of the realization, the beauty of the drawing… these are characteristics that have not been equalled, or rarely equalled, since the beginning of the 20th century. Art Deco rings are sometimes also distinguished by the choice of less prestigious stones, such as opal, citrine, aquamarine, but in creations that always know how to sublimate gems. Exceptional achievements that delight lovers all over the world. Thus, since the early 2000s, we have seen a surge in the popularity of Art Nouveau and Art Deco jewellery, with an acceleration in recent years. Beautiful pieces in circulation are becoming rarer, with many collectors investing in a safe haven while enjoying themselves.

Second-hand rings

Besides the Art Nouveau and Art Deco periods, you shouldn’t hesitate to take an interest in the 1940s, with the famous Tank jewellery, which is very much in vogue today. Imposing shapes that reflect the style of that era when the buildings were also massive and solidly structured. A style of jewelry that asserts character and authority and gives panache. The 50s and 60s are also not lacking in charm. The shapes become lighter, while sometimes making strange contortions. This is the time when modern comfort is spreading throughout society. There is also a scent of carelessness, typical of the post-war years and economic prosperity. This fresh scent is found in the rings of that period.   

Custom-made rings

If the field of vintage and second-hand rings is huge, some of our customers want to go even further, whether to complete their jewelry cassette already well stocked with old jewellery or to mark a special event, such as an engagement or an important ceremony. That’s why we have developed a personalized manufacturing service for customers looking for the unique piece. We put our extensive knowledge of precious stones (Rosanna and Bruno Bottazzi are both qualified expert gemologists) to find the exceptional stone – diamond, ruby, sapphire, emerald – that will magnify the setting you have chosen. Once the choice has been made, the ring will be assembled according to the rules of the art of jewellery. For this personalized approach, it is essential to contact us and plan to visit our shop at 41 rue des Martyrs 75009 Paris. We will be pleased to receive you to discuss your project.    

Our rings on the internet

We have been pioneers in the online presentation and sale of antique jewellery on the internet. We consider that buying a piece of jewellery is above all an aesthetic emotion, even if of course more rational criteria come into play: quality of materials, signature, time… We take particular care in taking pictures to present our jewellery to you in the best possible way. Feel free to visit our galleries regularly, whether to look for a specific piece of jewellery, to nourish your inspiration and your jewellery culture or simply to have a pleasant time. The world needs beauty!

A safe purchase and shipment

Before any purchase, it is preferable to contact us by email or by phone at 01 42 80 01 38. This will be an opportunity to check whether a scaling is necessary. Nevertheless, it is quite possible to proceed directly to the purchase in line. This procedure is totally safe and secure. We accept all major forms of payment (Visa, American Express, Mastercard, Paypal). After contacting us, it is also possible to pay by cheque or bank transfer. Hesitating in front of a jewel can be a natural attitude but we draw your attention that the Internet is vast and that another Internet user, in France or abroad, can decide before you do. Of course, we cannot block jewellery online for “cooling-off period”.

Once your order has been validated, we proceed to a secure shipment by FEDEX within 24 hours for our customers in metropolitan France. Transport is insured against all risks. In accordance with the legislation, you have a withdrawal period of 14 days from the receipt of our shipment. In this case, we will ask you to contact us to see the terms of return because the transport must be 100% secure. Of course, we will be happy to welcome you to our store at 41 rue des Martyrs, 75009 Paris to share with you our passion for beautiful jewellery. We are located in a lively and pleasant district, with high quality food shops in the rue des Martyrs, and not far from the Basilica of the Sacré-Coeur or the picturesque district of Les Abbesses. Do not hesitate to contact us and come and visit us.

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