Necklaces & Pendants

Necklaces and pendants

Art Deco pendants, Art Nouveau necklaces, vintage pendants, second-hand necklaces, Victorian pendants, Edwardian necklaces… The necklaces and pendants are essential accessories to dress the bust and décolleté of the elegant woman. Especially since the creativity of jewellers makes it possible to vary the pleasures and effects: gold and diamond necklaces, diamond and emerald pendants, platinum and sapphire necklaces, yellow gold chain necklaces, pearl or coral necklaces, fine stone and yellow gold necklaces… The choice is endless and shows that there is a necklace or pendant for every situation in life: work day, dressed evening, dinner in love, going out with friends.

Second-hand necklaces and pendants

Jewellers for two generations, we are specialized in second-hand vintage jewellery. Vintage necklaces and pendants occupy a special place in our offer because the symbolic side of this accessory, which is worn around the neck, is very strong. After the ring, it is certainly the precious gift that is most important. It can be a diamond pendant, an emerald or sapphire necklace, a gold necklace of the chain type, or even a diamond river. Or something simpler but no less romantic, such as a key pendant signed by Tiffany & Co, a semi-precious stone like jadeite, or the essential necklace made of cultured pearls, coral pearls, or Tahitian pearl, with a darker color.

Purchase of necklaces and pendants

Of course, as we offer a wide choice of used necklaces and pendants in our shop and on our internet galleries, we are always interested in buying necklaces or pendants. This activity of buying used jewellery represents an important part of our business. You want to sell necklaces or pendants that you no longer wear? The process is very simple. Just contact us by email or phone to make sure that we are interested in the necklace or pendant you have for sale. Then, the expertise is done on site at the store at 41 rue des Martyrs, Paris 9. Indeed, it is the only solution to make you a reliable purchase offer corresponding to the market value. Our expertise is free and without any obligation.

Vintage necklaces and pendants

Over the years, fashions and trends have evolved considerably. Thus, the Art Nouveau years, at the very beginning of the 20th century, saw the triumph of the animal and vegetable kingdom. The creations are often of great finesse, with graceful curves reminiscent of the stems of flowers. The characters are represented with animal attributes, such as the dragonfly woman, with her diaphanous wings. Other times, other customs. The 1940s were marked by the Second World War and the massive architecture of official monuments is found in the famous tank jewellery, with its XXL shapes. Wearing a necklace or Tank pendant is the guarantee of a great effect!

Over the decades, the amateur of vintage jewellery has learned to recognize and love the evolution of fashion and consequently of jewellery. The 1950s, lighter then the 1960s, more pop, do not lack charm either. Feel free to share your tastes with us, we will be happy to guide you on a short journey through the jewellery past full of surprises.

Art Deco necklaces and pendants

Of all eras, Art Deco (1920s) and the one that never ceases to move us as soon as a beautiful piece passes through our hands. These years undoubtedly synthesize everything we love about jewellery: a handmade work, done with great taste by jewellers who have become artists. The shapes are pure and harmonious. The materials are of high quality, yellow or white gold, platinum, diamond, ruby, emerald, sapphire. Even if the prices have risen a lot in recent years, Art Deco necklaces and pendants are sure values that can even represent an investment for the future, as the world demand for this type of jewelry is so strong.

Branded necklaces and pendants

Van Cleef & Arpels, Cartier, Boucheron, Chaumet, Hermès… The designer necklaces and pendants always attract customers who are sensitive to the brand’s prestige. And we understand this because the achievements of these major brands play the seduction card. It can be the quality of the design but also the beauty of the realization, with yellow or white gold, platinum, and exceptional precious stones, diamonds, sapphire, ruby, emerald. All this, highlighted by the finesse of the work. Buying a second-hand designer jewelry is also an opportunity to make substantial savings compared to the same new jewel. It is also the possibility of acquiring a piece of jewellery that made you dream a few years ago but which is unfortunately no longer marketed by the brand. Of course, all our used jewellery is certified, cleaned and checked.

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