Art Deco brooch, vintage brooch, designer brooch, vegetable brooch, animal brooch, geometric brooch, yellow or white gold brooch, platinum brooch set with diamonds… The brooch is the essential accessory that dresses any elegant woman’s outfit. A simple summer jacket, a shawl or an evening outfit ? All you need is a beautiful brooch to brighten up any outfit and give it an undeniable chic look.

Art Deco Brooches

The Art Deco period (1920s) is undoubtedly a golden age in the field of jewellery. The achievements of this period shine by the finesse of their realization, the quality of the precious stones used (diamonds, sapphires, rubies, emeralds) and the beauty of their design. The presence of an Art Deco brooch on a simple black or white top can give a great class and a lot of style to the outfit. Thanks to our extensive experience in antique jewellery, a field in which we have specialised for more than 20 years, we regularly offer exceptional brooches from the Art Deco period. Of course, these Art Deco brooches, branded or not, are expertly appraised and certified by us (we are qualified gemologists experts). It should be added that the rating of Art Deco jewellery, and therefore of Art Deco brooches, has risen sharply in recent years, mainly due to increased international demand (Asia, USA, Middle East, Russia) and investors’ appetite for high jewellery considered as an investment.

Vintage and antique brooches

Every era has its charm. Thus, the Art Nouveau brooches, then later the 40’s or more recent (60’s, 70’s) brooches present many attractions. If the vegetal universe and a great delicacy of realization seduce you, you will not resist the beauty of the Art Nouveau brooches. It will simply require a substantial budget. Indeed, Art Nouveau brooches, and more generally all jewellery from this period, have reached very high ratings in recent years. The reasons are the same as for Art Deco jewellery, adding a greater rarity of the beautiful jewels still in circulation. The 1940s, with the famous massively shaped tank jewellery, then the 1950s and 1960s, with finer and “joyful” shapes, are not lacking in charm.

Branded brooches

The great houses always keep the strength of their names. Cartier, Van Cleef & Arpels, Boucheron, Chaumet… these jewellers have left their mark and continue to write the history of jewellery. Their achievements are always highly prized, especially by international customers who are very sensitive to the influence of major brands and the symbols of French luxury. We regularly offer brooches branded Cartier, Van Clef, Boucherons, Hermès… Do not hesitate to visit our internet galleries to discover our new products.

Purchase and sale of second-hand brooches

We have been specialists in second-hand jewellery in Paris for two generations. We put at your service our intimate knowledge of the market and our quality as gemologist experts. So, if you want to part with an old brooch, Art Deco brooch, Art Nouveau brooch, brooch branded by a major brand, such as Cartier, Van Cleef…, do not hesitate to contact us. The expertise is done on site at the store, 41 rue des Martyrs, Paris 9. A first contact can be made by email or phone to make sure that the jewel is likely to be of interest to us. However, the expertise can only be carried out on site, by examining the precious object with a magnifying glass. At the end of the expertise, we will submit you a buyback offer. If you accept, payment will be made immediately, by cheque or bank transfer and after presentation of an identity document, in accordance with the french legislation.

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