Art deco bracelets, designer bracelets (Hermés, Cartier, Tiffany, Van Cleef & Arpels…), 1900 bracelet, snake bracelet, coral bracelet… Specialists in antique jewellery in Paris for over 20 years, we strive to offer you the widest possible choice of exceptional pieces. This selection of antique bracelets in different styles allows each customer to find their ideal piece: whether the bracelet is Art Nouveau, with sensual curves, or Art Deco, with geometric shapes and decorated with pearls, or even Tank bracelet, which is larger and gives an impression of power. Whether it is timeless, chic and elegant… Whether it is 19th century, therefore of great finesse, which gives these pieces an undeniable beauty and charm.

The bracelet, a symbolic jewel

Several centuries ago, the bracelet was supposed to accompany the deceased to the afterlife. This shows the great importance of this essential piece of feminine adornment. It can perfectly fit the curve of the wrist and beautify each woman even in its simplest version. The elegant woman must have several of them in her jewellery in order to match her bracelet to her outfit. Formal events, theatre or opera outings, receptions, are perfect opportunities to dress your wrist with an exceptional piece. Thus, next to the Art Deco, Tank or 19th century bracelets, there is the essential diamond river that will sublimate you even with a more classic dress or tailor. Decorated with a multitude of diamonds, its finesse and refinement make it a sublime piece.

How to choose a bracelet

Our bracelets are generally made of platinum or gold and can be adorned with diamonds and precious stones or pearls. As state-certified expert gemologists, we attach great importance to the choice and quality of our jewellery and also to the precious stones mounted on it. For your bracelet purchase, we will be there to advise you and guide you towards the best choice according to your tastes, your lifestyle and, possibly, the event that can motivate your search. Indeed, a bracelet is chosen according to several considerations: a specific event but also the season and of course, according to your clothing style.

A bracelet can be worn alone or with a companion, such as the rush which goes very well with other bracelets or the classic Trinity bracelet from Cartier which can sublimate a woman in all circumstances in her daily life, both with a casual style (jeans / sweaters) and more chic (blouse / suit).

Selling antique jewellery

Passionate about antique and vintage jewellery, we are constantly looking for new pieces such as antique bracelets or other vintage jewellery to guarantee a daily renewal of our stock and to satisfy our customers. It is therefore possible for you, by going to the shop, located in a charming street, in the heart of the 9th arrondissement of Paris, to sell your old jewellery. Whether it is a vintage bracelet or any other antique jewel, after a totally free expertise from us, we will offer you a fair and good price, which you will be free to accept or not. If you are satisfied with our offer, we will pay you immediately by cheque or transfer, as the legislation has now required for a few years.

Come to see us or order online

Our team will be happy to welcome you. You can meet us at 41 rue des Martyrs (75009 Paris) from Monday to Sunday. And yes, we are open 7/7 days a week! Feel free to walk through the door of our store to choose the bracelet of your dreams in complete serenity. Of course, we invite you to browse our online jewelry galleries to make a first selection. And if the distance does not allow you to travel, the online order is totally secure, as is the shipping. In this case, we can give you any additional information by email or phone (01 42 80 01 38).

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