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Fine selection of antique jewellery


Fine selection of antique jewellery

Art nouveau pendants, art deco rings, vintage jewellery, 19th century jewellery… the fashion for beautiful pieces of jewellery from the past is still going strong. A field that has fascinated us for more than twenty years and which has led us to develop a real expertise in antique jewellery, second-hand jewellery, Napoleon III period jewellery, 1900 jewellery, 1930 jewellery, from the Tank period (the famous 40s) or more recently, from the 50s and 60s. Our only guide remains the search for beauty, whether for frames, most often in gold or platinum, or for precious stones, diamonds, sapphire, emerald, rubies… This intimate knowledge of high French jewellery, celebrated throughout the world, we put it at your service on this website and, of course, in our jewelry store at 41 rue des Martyrs, Paris 9. Dreaming at a delicate art deco brooch or an unheated Ceylan sapphire, with its exceptional blue, are sensations that we hope to share with you, either on this site or during your visit to the boutique.

The old rings

Pioneers of antique jewellery in Paris, we cover the great periods of jewellery art, with a significant choice on the centerpiece of any precious cassette: the ring. Art deco rings, vintage rings, 1930 rings, solitaire diamond rings, Tank rings, vintage platinum rings, rings from the great names of Place Vendôme or rue de la Paix… our offer is intended to be as wide as possible, with always in common thread, the desire to offer you exceptional pieces, carefully selected. To do this, we rely on our long experience in the field and our quality as gemologist experts.

Engagement rings

This is an area that has always fascinated us, which is why Bottazzi Blondeel jewellery offers a wide choice of engagement rings and wedding rings: old engagement rings or art deco or custom wedding rings. Precisely, the creation of engagement or wedding rings can be the most suitable solution for those who have a precise idea of the ideal ring. But we must not lose ourselves in the abundance of possibilities offered by creation. That is why we guide you by offering you different examples of frames and stones, which allows you to refine your search efficiently.

“Choosing an engagement ring is always a magical moment,” says Rosanna Bottazzi. “We are here to guide and propose according to tastes and budget but also the shape of the hand and fingers, the outfit, etc. The essential thing is to find the ring that will really stick to the personality of the person who will wear it so that there is always that same little click when the eyes stop looking at it ».

Precious stones

Sapphire, diamond, ruby, emerald… words that make you dream. We enter here into a particular and exciting universe, that of the “small miracles” performed by the Earth since precious stones are born in its bowels, after various chemical reactions. Of course, everyone knows the common names of the stones, but the “appellations of origin” are often less well known: Colombian emerald, Ceylon sapphire, Sri Lankan sapphire, natural Burmese ruby. Each stone has its own variations, especially in terms of colour intensity or size. Diamonds, for example, are available in cushion-cut diamonds, half-cut diamonds, modern brilliant-cut diamonds and antique diamonds. As state-certified gemologist experts, we provide gemmology certificates for all the stones we offer. This expertise also allows us to provide you with a precise and accurate estimate if you wish to resell precious stones. In this case, the expertise is always done on site, the only way to provide you with a well-argued and solid offer.

Jewellery, specialist in antique jewellery in Paris

Settled since the late 1990s in the upper part of the famous rue des Martyrs (Paris 9), Rosanna and Bruno Bottazzi trained with their father, a jeweller in Paris, while at the same time following a training as gemologist experts. Combining theoretical and practical knowledge, they specialize in antique and vintage jewellery, estimation and purchase of jewellery. The activity also covers the purchase of gold and precious metals, the expertise of antique jewellery, the issue of certificates of authenticity and the repair of jewellery. “By relying on a network of highly qualified craftsmen, we are able to carry out all types of repairs or high-precision work with a particularly high degree of excellence,” emphasizes Bruno Bottazzi, before continuing; “likewise, our intimate knowledge of jewellery from all periods, and our training as a gemmological expert are the best guarantee if you’re looking for precise and accurate estimate of your jewels ».

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